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I Wonder Why We Do That?

Did you ever wonder why we do all the things we do during Sunday liturgy? Ever asked: “What’s with all these candles and plates and linens?” Or: “What’s up with all these prescribed movements and prayers? And why do we say them in such a specific order?” Well, if you have, be sure to be here for Sunday worship on November 12th, when we will do an “instructed Eucharist.” During this “instructed Eucharist,” will take short breaks to give brief explanations of the rich history and theology behind all the various parts of the service. You won’t want to miss it!

Coffee Hour Hosts Needed

Would you like to host a coffee hour, but aren’t sure how complicated it is? Good news…..It’s simple! Coffee Hour hosts have a variety of options. 1. Bring in some (peanut free) goodies and leave them in the fridge for others to use for coffee hour. 2. Bring in goodies and help make coffee and setup and cleanup. You don’t even have to sign up just bring a little something (nut free) any Sunday and it doesn’t have to be big or fancy. The most important thing is to have goodies to feed those hungry Episcopalians after worship. So what are you waiting for “Feed an Episcopalian”

Automated External Defibrillator

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the AED training on Sunday. It is exciting to know so many people are now trained at our church. A special thank you again to Carol Allen and Linda Bordwell (and all who donated to the cost) for helping to bring this life saving device to Resurrection!!

Internet Accessible Church

This Christmas the church has been gifted by an anonymous donor who has agreed to fund the project of making our church internet accessible. Many, many thanks generous donor! This should, among other things, make our facility more capable of serving other groups and functions during the week.

New Members

Congratulations and welcome to our newest Vestry members…

Martha Sherwin – Senior Warden Roger Barenz – Jr Warden Scott Oakshott – Education Chuck Schmitz – Finance Beverley Franklin – Community Life Pat Munts – Worship

News Concerning Altar Flowers and Candles

In an effort to be more efficient, the Altar Guild will start arranging the flower bouquets behind the altar. Sign-ups for altar flowers will still be handled by Carmen Jackson, while a crew of eight women have volunteered to obtain the flowers and create the arrangements. The estimated costs of these arrangements will be about forty dollars for two arrangements or twenty dollars for one arrangement. In addition, you can sign up to have altar candles burning in memory of a loved one, a birthday, or an anniversary, at ten dollars.


We will not have flowers on the altar during Advent, as only greens will be used as part of the “greening of the church”. Poinsettias will, of course, be used for Christmas. Candles… Continue reading

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I Wonder Why We Do That?

Did you ever wonder why we do all the things we do during Sunday liturgy? Ever asked: “What’s with all these candles and plates and linens?” Or: “What’s up with all these ....[continued]

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